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Ticket to Work purpose is to improve employment opportunities and outcomes for young people with disability. The initiative grew out of research that showed participation in work and career experience during secondary school, delivered via a collaborative approach are key indicators of employment success for young people with disability.

Work is a fundamental part of adult life. It gives us a sense of purpose and a feeling of worth, shaping who we are and how we fit into our community. Because work is so essential, students with disability must not be deprived the opportunity to explore employment pathways to adulthood. 

Our role is to enable and advocate for the improvement of employment opportunities for young people with disability. 

We support community based organisations, schools, families and young people to implement evidence-based practice. We do this by providing mentoring, technical support, the tools and resources based on the best available research. Through this work and our research, we build our knowledge with the aim of creating systems change: improving practice in communities and influencing and informing the policy debate, so all young people with disability and employers can benefit. 

Tune into our podcast series that explores the 'world of work' for young people with disability. Listen here

Ticket to Work approach

Our approach focuses on building capacity, sector collaboration and student support

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Ticket to Work's role

  • Practice: Promoting, exploring and supporting communities to implement evidence-based practice that improves outcomes for young people with disability.

  • Policy: Influence good employment and education participation policy development at local, state and national levels.

  • Research: Explore, identify and highlight good practice through research in school-to-work transition for young people with disability

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It is crucial that young people with a disability receive the support required to participate in the workforce as early as possible to drive effective long-term employment outcomes and maximise the benefits of improved standards of living and social inclusion that come with employment.
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