Customised Employment

Customised Employment (CE) is a set of universal principles and strategies to improve open and self-employment outcomes for people with disability. The approach is designed for both employers and jobseekers with disability.

Customised Employment uses an individualised approach — one person at a time and one employer at a time.

Customised Employment has been successful in supporting the transition from school to work. It works for young people who are not likely to secure employment, (even with support) in a typical competitive job search and hiring process.

Customised Employment delivers jobs that are a good fit for both the employee and the employer, creating improved employee satisfaction and productivity, whilst meeting the needs of a business.

Read stories of young people that have found employment through the Customised Employment approach.


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Customised Employment has four essential components:
  • Discovery: Gathering information from the job seeker to determine their interests, skills, and preferences related to employment. All this information guides the development of a customised job.

  • Job Search Planning: Developing a plan toward meaningful employment and building a list of potential employers from the information learnt in the discovery stage.

  • Job Development and Negotiation: Working collaboratively with the person and the employer to identify a role that matches the unmet needs of an employer with the person’s interests, skills and the work conditions necessary for success.

  • Post-Placement Support: Setting up on-going supports and clear communication channels for both the employer and the employee should issues arise.

NDIS and Customised Employment

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has provided opportunities for people with significant disability to access employment, not previously available through other employment services. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) encourages the use of Customised Employment techniques.

The NDIS School to Work pilot in Western Australia used the Customised Employment approach. The pilot gave students in year 10+ access to 150 hours of support focused on achieving open or self-employment. Support was available to approximately 500 NDIS participants at secondary school. NDS conducted an evaluation of the Customised Employment approach for 14 participants in the WA School to Work pilot.


Training in Customised Employment techniques

Ticket to Work supported the School to Work pilot and delivered training in Customised Employment around Australia. Our aim is to establish a common framework and develop the knowledge, skills and resources across Australia to deliver quality Customised Employment and micro-business support to people with disability.

We can tailor training to schools, employment providers and other stakeholder groups.

Contact us for information on training in Micro-business development and Customised Employment techniques.

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