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The Founders Award 2022

1 December 2022, Articles
Congratulations Michelle Wakeford on receiving the 2022 Australian Centre for Career Education (ACCE) Founders Award 2022. Michelle was honoured for her work in improving career and life opportunities of young people with disability.
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Ticket to Work’s 10-year anniversary

16 September 2022, Articles
We celebrate Ticket to Work’s 10-year anniversary, coming from humble beginnings (the first 2 years with no funding), sustained by a community's grassroots grit and determination to do better when supporting young people with disability.
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Skills & Jobs Summit

14 September 2022, Articles
The Skills and Jobs Summit was held this month with a focus on expanding employment opportunities for all Australians including the most disadvantaged. We had two young people and our Executive Director Travers McLeod be part of a panel session.
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After School Jobs Pilot

20 July 2018, Articles
We are pleased to announce some exciting news, we were successful in getting three years funding for Ticket to work. With the funding we are looking at furthering our resources and support to the networks, in-line with the Ticket to Work approach.
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Increasing career opportunities through partnerships

1 May 2017, Articles
Bega Valley business chambers, schools, career services and other supporters met recently to create a Ticket to Work network, increasing career options for young people with a disability. Led by WorkAbility, the South East NSW Ticket to Work Partnership Network’s informal and formal partners.

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