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Life After School – Workshop

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Hosted by Belonging Matters

Planning for life after school can seem daunting, especially when you have a disability. The options may seem slim and limited, however with vision, preparation and planning it’s possible for young people with a disability to thrive after school. This workshop aims to assist you to plan and prepare for life after school.


Topics covered in this workshop:

What is this workshop about?

  • What can be done early to build a foundation for adulthood at home and in your neighbourhood,
  • Creating a clear vision, goals and objectives for life after school,
  • The importance of harnessing gifts, interest, passions and strengths,
  • Further education,
  • Customising employment,
  • Creative employment options,
  • The art of asking, and
  • Finding the right supports.

This is a practical workshop and will use interactive exercises, refection and discussion!

Guest speaker Michelle Wakeford.

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