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Supporting students with disability to access NDIS employment supports

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The NDIS Price Guide 2020-21 outlines that transition and employment support can be ‘supplied to any working-age participant (including students reaching working age) with an employment goal'. This may include supports to:

  • explore what work would mean for them (discovery);
  • build essential foundation skills for work;
  • managing complex barriers to obtaining and sustaining employment;
  • specialised job customisation;
  • develop a career plan; and
  • other capacity-building supports that are likely to lead to successful engagement in a Disability Employment Service.

Research demonstrates that education and employment outcomes are significantly improved through exposure to real work experiences and career development opportunities at school. The NDS Ticket to Work ‘After School Jobs Project’ is an example of supporting students with disability into employment while at school.

Providers may like to encourage young people, their parents and carers to consider including Transition and Employment Support in their next NDIS plan review. Even before then, Community Participation funding can be used to help start the journey to employment, including for volunteering or work experience placements.

To find out more, see the NDIS resource, Let’s talk about work, or contact Ticket to Work for information about how this initiative can support students to gain an after-school job.

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