Ticket to Work Network Analysis Report

17 Dec 2019
This report explores Ticket to Work networks and partnership approach to better understand the essential ingredients of a highly functioning network, including the role played by the network coordinator and to assess the effectiveness of the partnerships.

Ticket to Work post school outcomes

26 Jun 2019
Ticket to Work prepares high school students with disability for the world of work. An evaluation found that Ticket to Work participants have higher labour market participation, school completion, postschool studying, social participation and independence compared to other young people with similar disability (the comparison group).

Ticket to Work outcomes evaluation - Customised Employment

01 May 2019
This report is one of four reports by ARTD consultants that National Disability Services (NDS) commissioned on the outcomes of Ticket to Work. Ticket to Work supports effective school to work transition for high school students with disability. This report exclusively focuses on a set of activities offered in the Ticket to Work initiative called ‘Customised Employment’.

Research to action guides: school to employment transitions

01 May 2019
This Research to Action Guide presents the important things to know for young people looking to make the transition from school to employment in Australia. This Guide includes an evidence based way for students to think about what is right for them, and the “golden rules” for transitioning from school to employment. It is important that young people are supported to get the most out of this Guide.

Literature review: young people with intellectual disabilities and work in after-school jobs

19 Apr 2019
This paper presents the findings from a review of peer reviewed literature that has investigated the experiences of school students with intellectual disabilities of participating in work whilst still at school and its impact on their future job prospects.