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Transitions to employment of Australian young people with disability and the Ticket to Work initiative

The Transitions to Employment of Australian Young People with Disability and the Ticket to Work Initiative report is centred on an exploration of transition from school to work within the context of young people with disability. The report provides youth disability data, explores what factors and elements comprise ‘good transition’ for this cohort and examines the benefit of utilising ‘transition oriented’ networked partnerships to achieve positive outcomes.

This report outlines methods and approaches utilised by Ticket to Work and the outcomes achieved via this novel approach to supporting young people with disability to prepare for a ‘life beyond school’. This report draws upon a mix of Australian and international data, as well as primary data drawn from 103 interviews conducted with Ticket to Work participants across Australia.

Authors: Michelle Wakeford and Fiona Waugh

Release Date: August 2014

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