Sean’s Story

Sean Weiss is a year 12 student at Berendale School in Moorabbin. He also just saved the Bunnings Moorabbin store from being thieved $2,500 in stock! Sean has an intellectual disability and was supported to get his first job at Bunnings though the ‘After School Job pilot’ run by his local Ticket to Work network.
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Dani's Story image

Dani's Story

Dani was absolutely thrilled to be part of the Ticket to Work After-School Job Pilot; she had wanted a job and to do something more than school. She began her role with Ozmosis in May 2019 while in Year 10 and is continuing her job during Year 11.
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Courtney's Story

Courtney was looking for her first job, to start to earn some of her own money. She was keen to work as a crew member at McDonalds, just like many of her peers. Through the Ticket to Work network and support of the After School Job pilot, Courtney now has that job!
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Krystal Ashlin-Watts

I wanted Krystal to experience a supportive working environment where she can get some real world experience, so when the time comes for her to attend her first job interview, she will have more confidence in herself.
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Helen's Story

Helen works as an employment consultant for EGF Solutions in Geelong and is part of the Ticket to Work network alongside other key services for young people with disabilities.
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Petros' Story

Petros Christou, a year 12 with an intellectual disability at Berendale Secondary School, has landed his first ever job at Big W. Supported by the Ticket to Work network through the After School Jobs pilot project, Petros has a chance to be like all other secondary students and be supported to have a part-time after school job.
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Harry's Story

Cozido’s Bakery in Moorabbin was the perfect first ever job for Harry Smith, a year 12 student at Berendale Secondary School. With the support of his local Ticket to Work network and a pilot project, Harry now works 4 hours a week at his local bakery as a kitchen hand and is loving it.
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Julian’s story

Julian loves basketball and with the support of Ticket to Work has scored himself a job at Nunawading Basketball Stadium – a dream of his. As a year 11 student with Down syndrome, Julian wanted the same rite of passage as his peers – the chance to have an after-school job.