Watch Danielle's Story

Ticket to Work presents Danielle Tascas’s story, showcasing how connecting a student with disability to the world of work through a collaborative approach can have a positive impact for all involved.
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Kevin’s Story (father of Kallen) image

Kevin’s Story (father of Kallen)

A highlight for Kevin was when he saw his son going to work wearing a uniform for the first time and looking part of the team. “He feels like he’s progressing through life, it makes him feel like he’s one of the boys” Kevin said.
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Dot's Story

Dot is a big believer in giving kids the encouragement to try new things. She is the grandparent and primary carer to Danielle, a young participant in the Ticket to Work After Schools Job pilot.
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Lynda Bailey (mother of Charlotte)

Lynda is the mother of Charlotte, a year 12 student with Down Syndrome who has been busy over the past year taking part in six difference work experience placements. Through Ticket to Work and the support of Charlotte’s school, Lynda now feels more positive about Charlotte finishing school.
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Sue Lever (parent of Michael)

Michael’s dream job is to own his own a coffee cart, where he can make biscuits and coffee and can employ other young people with disability from his school. Michael is in year 12 at Black Mountain School and has autism spectrum disorder.