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Jack Franklin (Employment Consultant Perspective)

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‘Learning in his own way’

Colby Lake is a 17 year old student at Pacific Lutheran College. Colby has a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome.

Colby is a confident young man, but sometimes he needs support and direction on how best to achieve tasks within the work place.

Colby and his parents have wanted to find employment that could fit around his school commitments and was close to home. For Colby, an understanding employer that would provide consistency and allow him to learn his own way was important.

Jack Franklin, an Employment Consultant at Community Solutions, in Rockhampton Queensland explains how he supported Colby to find a job that was a good fit for him. 

I approached a local employer called Malhi’s Market to discuss the Ticket to Work initiative. The owner Malhi had participated in programs similar to this previously and came from a trainer and assessor background. Malhi felt confident he would be able to work with Colby effectively to ensure a good outcome for all parties. For Malhi, this was a rewarding opportunity to support someone to learn the skills required in a workplace.

I introduced Malhi and Colby to one another and Colby felt at ease in the workplace environment. A few trial shifts were first set up to ensure that both Malhi and Colby felt comfortable working with one another. Throughout the trial, I assisted Colby with facing stock and filling the drinks fridge.

Since Colby has started, he is now aware of the importance of facing and rotating stock as well as checking used by dates on the yogurt, milk and cheeses. Malhi is hoping to progress Colby to rotating the stock on the shelves as well as working in the fruit and vegetable department.