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David's story

Customised Employment and Micro Business
photo of a lawn mower sitting on grass

David has a passion for tinkering with engines and bringing new life to old machines. David has been repairing garden equipment and small motors since he left school. To learn more about engines David did the Certificate in Small Engines course at Chisholm Institute in 2012. With a qualification in hand, David has since up his own small engines repairs business. He renews lawn mowers, chain saws and anything else he can get his hands on, he then sells them on. People will also bring them their machines that are broken and David will repair them for a fee.

David turned his passion into a business because “I love fixing them and it makes me happy seeing these machines working after working on them”

“I want to be my own boss and to show people that even if you’ve got a disability you can still make something important out of your life”. David says.

David dreams are to see his business grow bigger. He recently attended some Micro-enterprise training at the National Disability Services (run by Ticket to Work). David said “the training was really helpful and gave me lots of knowledge to work on my business and make it better”.

David is working on ways to promote his business and is open for new clients – so if you or someone you know has a small engine to repair (or bike).

*names have been changed in this story*

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