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Sarah's story

Customised Employment and Micro Business
Sarah standing with a lady in a room with other people in background. both smiling

Unlocking the key to long term employment and her first apartment!

Sarah started working at Fiona Stanley Hospital while completing year 12 at Leeming Senior High school. Six years on, she in a long term employee at the hospital working as a domestic assistant in the Rapid Response team. “I love by job to bits” says Sarah.

Sarah works three half days a week. Her main tasks is to keep the hospital walkways orderly. She enjoys the social aspect of her job and often sees many people from her school and the local community at her work. “I love cleaning and meeting people” says Sarah. 

Sarah explains that she has gotten faster at her job and has become more relaxed, and plans to continue progressing in her role at the hospital. She speaks highly of the other hospital staff.

“My coworkers are really good, they are helpful and they care for people. They are lovely to people” says Sarah.

Participating in work while at school was key to long term employment for Sarah, it was also the key to owning her first home. Through working in a job she loves, she was able to save to contribute to a house deposit and reach her goal of living independently. She has bought an apartment in Como, Western Australia that she is excited to move into in the New Year. The kitchen is currently being renovated and she plans to lease out the spare room to a student. Now she has achieved her goal to live independently, Sarah is working towards her goal to travel next year.

“Working has been great for Sarah’s independence. Through doing work experience while at school, she learned the skills to use public transport. She can now get all around Perth via bus or train” says Sarah’s mum Miriam.

Sarah had a break during lockdown, now having returned to work after COVID, she has adapted to the new environment. “There was different things to do, including lots of hand washing” says Sarah. 

Sarah is enjoying life after school and leads an active social life. When she is not working, Sarah has been creating art on the footpath to brighten other people’s days. “I enjoy, creating beautiful artwork that makes people happy” says Sarah. Recently, her medium of choice is drawing. Sarah also loves ballroom dancing and going to the gym, which is a two minute walk from her new place.

Sarah has advice for other young people, looking to start working “I want to say, don’t be scared. Just go out and see what it is going to be like” says Sarah.

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