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Simu’s story

Simu standing at work in a warehouse smiling

EPIC Assist is proud to be involved in the Ticket to Work initiative. Ticket to Work takes a partnership approach to improving the employment and education outcomes of young people with disability. EPIC uses the Ticket to Work approach to build a supportive local network for students, and with integrated services and support, students receive improved employment outcomes. 

EPIC’s presentation of the Ticket to Work at MacGregor State High School was a turning point in student Simu’s journey to employment. Simu was a Year 11 student attending the Special Education unit at the school. 

EPIC supported Simu to develop his employment skills and connected him with Woolworths at Sunnybank Hills, where he began his school-based traineeship in March 2017. Initial duties included merchandising, cleaning tasks and looking after the milk fridges. 

Recently, Simu was promoted to work in the produce department and is enjoying the hands-on task of stocking fruit and vegetables. 

Simu says the traineeship has really boosted his confidence and ability to talk to customers and employees, which he previously found challenging due to a speech impairment. 

“I had a support worker when I first started and achieved independence quickly,” Simu said. “My EPIC consultant has really looked after me.” 

EPIC Employment Consultant Phillip LeBoeuf looks back on Simu’s journey. “Reflecting back on him now, it is difficult to picture Simu as the quiet and uncertain youth back when he kicked off his traineeship in March.” Phillip said. “He had a support worker alongside him to assist in the customer service and communication challenges involved with grocery retail, and WOW! That one-on-one support really fired up his confidence.” 

“Nowadays, Simu is even working unsupervised in the produce department and I really cannot speak higher of his work ethic. He is a champion,” Phillip said. 

Looking forward, Simu would like to continue his work in grocery retail. 

“I enjoy my time at Woolworths and cannot thank EPIC Assist enough for this opportunity,” he said.

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