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NDS Position Paper: improving school to work transition through the NDIS

Employment is desirable for people with disability. It has beneficial outcomes such as increased confidence, better standards of living, greater financial independence, broader social networks and career development prospects.

Young Australians with disability, however, are not successfully transitioning from school into further training or employment, which results in long-term – often lifelong – disadvantage. They are more likely to leave school early, be excluded from the workforce and experience poverty and social isolation. The gap between young people with disability and those without disability has widened, and there has been a decrease in the rate of economic and social participation for young people with disability.

It is imperative that these trends are reversed. NDS welcomes the NDIA’s focus on school-to-work support, particularly as it has been found that if young people with significant disability do not engage in mainstream employment by age 21, it is unlikely that they ever will.

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