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Ticket to Work launches case study videos

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Ticket to Work has launched case study videos, showcasing how connecting a young person with disability to the world of work through a collaborative approach can have a positive impact for all involved.

In these videos you will find out how the Ticket to Work model operates on the ground, hearing from employers, teachers, parents, consultants and the young people involved. By taking a collaborative approach, all these parties play an integral role in improving employment outcomes for young people with disability.

The Ticket to Work initiative has supported over 1,600 young people with disability into meaningful employment across Australia. These case studies are about the After School Job’s project, that aims to explore the effect of an after school job on a student with disability in the Australian context.

Over the last year, there were 40 students around Australia supported by the Ticket to Work networks in after school jobs. As you will find out in the videos, from taking part in the project, many of these young people have now carved out a career path that is in line with their interests.

Watch Danielle Tascas’s story, a young lady who is vision impaired riding the wave of work at a surf shop.

Watch Kyle Mitchell's story, a young man with autism and dyslexia who is cooking up his career as a chef.