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Elias pathway (so far)

Customised Employment and Micro Business
young man leaning against a trolley outside in a carpark

Elias is part of Ticket to Work, a partnership initiative to support young people with significant disability make a transition from school to work.   Elias is a recent school leaver from Busselton who is working as a trolley collector while preparing for his future. After leaving school, Elias secured a work trial at Mitre 10 with the help of Ticket to Work Member Forrest Personnel, a local Disability Employment Service.  Through this work experience he learned the value of customer service, attention to detail and use of equipment, which subsequently helped him secure his job as a trolley collector at the local shopping centre. His salary means he can save towards his goal to study Information Technology and pay for his driving lessons. Once he has his driver’s licence, he hopes to work as a courier which will provide a source of income to support him while studying.

A Valuable Employee

Elias prides himself on doing his job well and has created a game to keep him motivated. To win the game he must have more collected trolleys in the trolley bays than uncollected trolleys in the car park. This game demonstrates Elias’ impressive work ethic and encourages his productivity. Subsequently his hours have been increased by his employer. Elias enjoys learning, and is very careful to follow required Occupational Health and Safety practices. He is known and appreciated by customers, who have provided positive comments to the supermarket.

His pathway from School to Work

Elias’s success is a result of his willingness to learn, plan and work hard. While at school he experimented with his studies, changing from accounting to Structured Workplace Learning at Mitre 10. He developed skills in warehousing, using machines and working as part of a team. He also found that he enjoyed helping customers. Through discussion with his family, friends and his employment support service, Elias identified that courier work would suit his interest in customer service, and sees his current job as a stepping stone to this goal and eventually studying Information Technology.

“I like to work to help my family, because my mum has always helped me” Elias

This project is proudly supported by the Disability Services Commission of Western Australia. Original article from the National Disability Servies April 2017. 

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