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Harry's story

After School Jobs
Harry smiling at work in back of bakery

Harry AKA The best doughnut decorator in the business!

Cozido’s Bakery in Moorabbin was the perfect first ever job for Harry, a year 12 student at Berendale Secondary School. With the support of his local Ticket to Work network and a pilot project, Harry now works 4 hours a week at his local bakery as a kitchen hand and is loving it. The After School Jobs pilot gives secondary students with intellectual disability a chance to be supported to have a part-time after school job like all other secondary students.

In addition to his doughnut decorating duties (highly recommend the pink ones with sprinkles for anyone near Moorabbin), Harry packages up the baked goods, cleans the kitchen, washes up the baking equipment and is taking on more duties as the weeks progress.

Angela, from Access Australia Group (part of the Ticket to Work network) has supported Harry into the job and provides continued support with learning new tasks. Angela told Harry at the beginning of the process, “I’m not going to get you a job – WE’RE going to get you a job, together”. Harry did some work experience first at Big W and then the bakery; he liked the bakery the best and wanted to work there after school.

Bakery owner and Harry’s manager Dean said, “Harry has been a really good fit, he comes in every Friday and just gets started with the work. We are a small business and he gets on well with my son, which is important – both are Collingwood supporters!”

Harry has an interest in hospitality after learning some skills at his school. “In the future I want to master my skills and then move on to learning new skills. When I finish school, I want to pick up more hours for a year to work out what I truly want to do in life and find out what makes me happy. All I want to be is happy in life. My boss is a nice guy, I like working there”, Harry said.

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