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Customised Employment Report

18 June 2020, Policy/Research
Having originated in the United States and Canada, Customised Employment is an approach tailored to the unique abilities and interests of the job seeker, and the specific needs of an employer.
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Youth Employment Study (YES)

22 August 2019, Policy/Research
YES is a prospective study of up to 2,000 young people looking for work. Eligible participants will be jobseekers who are between 15 and 25 years of age who are accessing employment programs (e.g., Ticket to Work, Transition to Work, jobactive).
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The changing world of work and young people with disability

16 April 2019, Policy/Research
The changing world of work will benefit people with disability if given the right supports including skill development, career education and pathway planning. PricewaterhouseCooper Australia (PwC) suggest that 44% or 5.1 million current Australian jobs are at risk of digital disruption in 20 years and 75% of the fastest growing occupations require STEM skills.
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Ticket to Work Results 2014-2016

6 April 2017, Policy/Research
Since Ticket to Work went National at the beginning of 2014, Ticket to Work networks have created thousands of opportunities for young people with significant disability. We have shown that when given the right opportunity and support young people with significant disability can achieve.
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Study shows long-term benefits of supporting young Australians with disability to prepare for work

21 June 2016, Policy/Research
Evidence shows that young people with disability are able to thrive in open employment when prepared and supported while at school through a coordinated approach. A new evaluation report shows that Ticket to Work, an initiative of National Disability Services, is providing effective school-to-work transition supports for young people with disability.